They Say, I Say

Everyday is a new battle, a new experience, a new challenge. You’d think those you live with, those you share a dinner table with, those who know the best of you, would help you fight this battle. You’d think those people would be in front line with you, but instead you see them on the other side of the battle feild. You holler, you stop, just about to trip. You dig your feet in the sand of the battle field, keep yourself strong, take a deep breath because you might be fighting your biggest fear.

Even though I love each and every one of those I may be in battle with, I do not wish to lose this battle. I also know there might be fear behind every sentence my ears are flushed to hear. But those who roam inside me have every counter to shield and attack.

I’ve come up with this short dialogue, to sum up what I’ve been indirectly mentioning above. I know I am not alone here, I know I’m eighTEEN, pretty much makes me still a TEENager, pretty much makes me ‘immature’. And so this is to all my TEEN friends who have dug their feet in the sand, just like I have.

They say: You are too young.
I say: I am old enough to know what’s best.

They say: You don’t know what’s best.
I say: Maybe I dont, but it didn’t take me 30 years to find out.

They say: You don’t understand how much we’re losing everyday.
I say: Actually I do, I understand the value of life; I understand how much lives we’re losing. I understand the value of dignity; I understand how much dignity we’re losing. I understand the value of integrity; I know how much intergity we’re losing. You meant those 3 aspects, didn’t you?

They say: But our economy is deteriorating, do you want to live with no food. The standard you are living in, doesn’t come with a cheap price tag.
I say: I’d rather live hungry, in rags but with dignity, head up high, than live silenced.

They say: You say this because you don’t have responsibilities to face.
I say: I do, I have a country to fight for and build from scratch.

They say: What you’re doing is destroying it even more. Let us keep the little that remains.
I say: The little that remains? If you build on rusted metal, what ever you build will fall into a million pieces, and make a bigger mess than the mess you’re trying to fix. We must get rid of all the dirt, but not hide it under a carpet. We must get rid of it, for good.

They say: But we’re scared.
I say: So am I, I’m scared of the past we lived in, that’s why I fight for the better future.

They say: But all you have to do is study, work hard in your University, and by that, you are building a better future.
I say: I already strive to be the best. Better does not satisfy me, only the best does. That’s what I want for my country, I can not live with better, my country deserves to be the best.

They say: You give chance for those who do not want the best for this country, to destroy and manipulate all that is good.
I say: And without us, they’ll be doing the exact same, but you wouldn’t notice. They’ll make you see what they want you to see, they are of power our minds have limitated capacity to imagine. But as for now, I have seen greater power, I have felt stronger vibes. On January 25th, our power was so strong, it made Tahrir the centre of the globe. We need that power once again, because sadly some have forgotten all about it.



About moesolitary

Mixed up between what I want to be and what I think I want to be. For now, I believe I want to be a writer. I belong between words and book. Thoughts linger as poems. I'm a proud Egyptian.

One response to “They Say, I Say”

  1. Moghazy sh (@Ghozo) says :

    brilliant !!!! the dilemma the young Egyptian people facing specially with the the older generation ,we live all our life relying on what is being told by our parents and there is no place for discussion or even show any objection or even go beyond their what they believe in , it is so relevant to the 25th of January revolution two generation colliding the older ones doesn’t want to have faith in the younger ones fearing their foolishness will lead to anarchy and chaos which the older ones aren’t used to and at the same time they are hesitant to adapt to the change.

    twitter is really a bless following different kind of people reading their tweets finding interesting blogs is really inspiring, i really regret not being active on twitter since i registered in and it is really driving me to start blogging again

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