I Tell A Story, Signed Tahrir

I tell a story, I tell a story.
I tell a story, I am in no hurry.

I tell a story, I am here to stay.
I tell a story, I must say.

A story that started 30 years late.
A story of protests that undulate.

A story as fresh as Alexandria shore spindrift.
A story in Ramadan, Eid, & Christmas to Egyptians I gift.

A story that started by the word “enough”.
A story that continues by the power of love.

Detains, torture, loss of lives
Bullets, fire, and bloody knives.

But nothing can stop a gold-wire will
Because not even scissors will keep it still.

Months and months they serve us words
Months and months warriors sharpen their swords.

They killed our youth, they exposed our women.
They talk of Religion, but do nothing but sin.

A story of men who buried their fear.
A story of women who no longer tear.

A story of a man, who lost his sight
And forever he’ll see the glory of his fight.

A story of a man, who is taped to silence
And forever his words will echo in patience.

A story of a man, innocent as could be
But playing weak would not make him flee.
A baby that cries, missing a half of his blood
And a mother at home, tells stories to flood.

A story of a lady, as strong as a horse
But a victim of act so brutal and coarse.

A story of a lady who can bruise them with words
And all they could do was break her sword.
Break a weapon she used to weaken them more
But that didn’t stop her, although it’s still soar.

A story of a boy, who stitched, helped all he could.
But at the end his white coat soaked in blood.

A battle between black and white.
A battle where grey is far from the light.

Two wars youth strive to win.
One of which, with those close as kin.
The other, on my grounds they strive in fight
With the adrenaline of the dark offers the night.

“Take my eye, or even my life
God knows I have no guns not even a knife.”

It never ends up to this day
When it comes to stories I will always say:

I have a story, only I can tell.
I have a story, where corruption fell.

I have a story, that won’t come to an end
Because our broken heart is hard to mend.

I have a story, all generations possess
Because when they revolt age is meaningless.

I have a story, inside each and everyone of you.
I have a story, of people so true.

Signed Tahrir.




About moesolitary

Mixed up between what I want to be and what I think I want to be. For now, I believe I want to be a writer. I belong between words and book. Thoughts linger as poems. I'm a proud Egyptian.

One response to “I Tell A Story, Signed Tahrir”

  1. Moghazy sh (@Ghozo) says :

    AMAZING how u used revolutionaries like alaa ,manal and their baby ,mona el tahawy , ahmed harara and alla abd el hady to create such a exceptional poem keep it up tahrir square is where tyranny meets the eternal demise

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