Eye-patched Alexandria 26/12/2011

I woke up second day after arrival of Harara from Paris . I remember the night of his arrival was very distinct. The sky was dark, yet moonlit, it was noisy, yet tranquil; It was perfect. My body was near my phone accessing twitter, while my mind, my whole spirit was at the gates of Cairo Airport awaiting our Hero. My spirit felt myself embracing this trade-mark of bravery, felt myself telling him, you have changed the way I look to the world, now I look to the world through your eyes.

After I woke up, I paid my visit to the Medical main campus where I found a group of students, packed around a projector and a booth where they had white cloth, and plaster tape. I didn’t get any closer to the booth when I spotted that view across a distance, because it took me time to coprehend the event students, who study at MY University have planned for that day. As I walked towards the booth I was welcomed by tens of posters of Harara, his hopeful smile, and his shining heart.

There isn’t much to say to how amazed I felt at that instant. A group of students had eye patches on one of their eyes. There were a few ladies who participated with the eye-patch. Other conservative ladies would stare in amusement. They labeled their patch: امرأة TT: Lady. One man labeled his patch: عين مصر TT: Egypt’s eyes, while the rest had the usual: جدع يا باشا TT: Good one, Boss (In reply to video of sniper)

One girl broke into tears, she shouted out: I can’t stand this patch for half an hour. I wonder how he’s accepting the fact that he has lost both his eyes. He’s a true hero, my mind can’t even picture how different he is from the rest of us, human.

I went around each and everyone of them and asked if there was one message they’d like Harara to hear, besides their Eye-patch plague event, or as I call it. Here is what I got.

إحن عينيك TT: We are your eyes.

كان نفسي إبقى زييك TT: I wish I were in your shoes.

أنا احمد حرارة TT: I am Ahmed Harara.

إحن هنجيب حق عينيك الراحت و مبروك عليك نور قلبك TT: We will bring justice to your eyes you have lost, and God bless your shining heart.

انت انسان عظيم أوي TT: You are a very great man.

انت عينين مصر TT: You are Egypt’s eyes.

جدع يا دكتور TT: Good one, Doctor.

مصر كلها معاك TT: All Egyptians are by your side.

إحن في طريق مالهوش رجوع، يا نأخذ حقنا يا نموت زي شهداءنا TT: We are in a one direction road, we either bring just and rights to our people, or we follow path of our martyrs.

قال الرسول (ص): من ابتلاه الله في حبيبتيه فصبر، كان جزائه الجنة TT: Quoted by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): In this world, if Allah tests your patience by taking away your sight, and you succeed, you shall be gifted Aljannah.

بنشوف الدنيا من خلالك TT: You are our eyes, we see the world through.

Ahmed Harara, Time person of 2011.
Read his interview through attached URL . Also source of photograph was through this website.

Shut your eyes and see. – James Joyce



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Mixed up between what I want to be and what I think I want to be. For now, I believe I want to be a writer. I belong between words and book. Thoughts linger as poems. I'm a proud Egyptian.

2 responses to “Eye-patched Alexandria 26/12/2011”

  1. fragments of thoughts says :

    they took his sight but they will never take his insight or break his spirit down , his smile is like a shimmering star radiating hope and determination a true hero indeed ,god bless his lovely soul 😀

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