Rainbow Eyes

Rainbow Eyes

Like a sunshine on a rain drop bed
Are the colours her eye-lashes shed.
Like the sequence of a kaleidoscope to the beam
Comes a creature no-one has ever seen.
Un human, but never-the-less,
Her hair, her clothes are all a mess
To the dirt and boulevards she strolls
With a rag dress full of holes.
But I’ve gazed at dresses in the balls
And I’ve glimpsed the diamonds in the halls.
So it is not the rag she wears in her sheepish sense,
But the broken smile I yearn to mend.

The bleeds of rose thorns on her finger
And the petals of rejection that linger.
The girl with roses, and no cent in hand
My fever to her I can’t understand.
The affection, the weakness, devotion and lust
Of her rainbow eyes I will always trust.
But they say I am a man, born with a silver spoon
And she is my juliet who will be gone soon.

But a man is a man as greedy as the sea
When waves crash, nothing can flee.
Trapped in the adrenaline of her mystery
And in the seduction of her history.
But just like a coward I walk away
And to my heart I will always say:

“My concious has invaded and to your defeat
I will live with regrets and I will never seat
Till I find her once again and our eyes meet
And maybe then will I attain my treat
Of her Rainbow Eyes
To my victorious tries.”



About moesolitary

Mixed up between what I want to be and what I think I want to be. For now, I believe I want to be a writer. I belong between words and book. Thoughts linger as poems. I'm a proud Egyptian.

One response to “Rainbow Eyes”

  1. fragments of thoughts says :

    superb , keep it up the amazing work 😀

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