Constitution > Reality

Article 1:
The Arab Republic of Egypt is a state with a democratic system, based on citizenship, and the Egyptian people are a part of the Arab nation working toward achieving its comprehensive unity.

>Omar Suleiman, a former Egyptian army general, politician, diplomat, and intelligence officer, said: Egyptians aren’t ready for democracy. (Implying, we never dealt with democracy before)

Article 2:
Islam is the religion of the state, and the Arabic language is its official language. The principles of Islamic law are the chief source of legislation.

>If this article was present since 1971, then why do Islamists arrange mass protests calling for the legitimacy of this article? Weird.

Article 3:
Sovereignty is from the people only, and the people are the source of authority. The people practice this sovereignty and protect it, safeguarding national unity.

>SCAF: “Protesters at Tahrir are thugs.” -So much for sovereignty, ahy??

Article 5:
The economy in the Arabic Republic of Egypt is based on developing economic activity and social justice and guaranteeing different forms of property and preserving the rights of workers.

>40% of Egyptians (Nearly all workers included) are below poverty line.

Article 6:
Public property is protected, and its defense and support is a duty incumbent on every citizen, according to the law.

>Dress like a building.

Article 8:
Personal freedom is a natural right, safeguarded and inviolabe, and except in the case of being caught in the act of a violation, it is not permitted for anyone to be detained or searched or for his/her freedom to be restricted or for movement to be prevented, except by a warrant order compelling the necessity of investigation or to safeguard the security of society. This warrant order will be issued by a specialized judge or the general prosecutor, according to the law. The law also determines the period for which one may be detained.

>I’ll leave this one to the #NoMilTrials team.

Article 51:
The law regulates the military judicial system and stipulates its responsibilities in line with constitutional principles.

>The military judicial system regulates the law and stipulates its responsibilities in line with constitutional principles.

Article 58:
It is not permissible for a minister during his/her tenure to engage in an independent profession, buy or rent anything using state money, rent out or sell anything with state money, or barter with state money.

>Have you been to Marina?

Article 61:
The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces will continue directly with its limited responsibilities following this Announcement, until a time at which the People’s Assembly and the Shura Council assume their responsibilities and the president of the republic is elected and assumes his/her position.

>According to referendum, should’ve happened months ago.

Would’ve loved to have this post concern all articles, but y’know, there are levels to sadism. Going through these, alone, got me fueled up; there is pain behind the humour.


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