Archive | August 2012

They Said

They said I’m only young, they said I’m only stupid.
They said I can’t decide, for my love was planned by cupid.

I said I’ve been across the world, and sailed a thousand seas.
I said I’ve seen a dozen words, carved in the oldest trees.

They said I have only a little space, to fit my little mind.
They said It’s not a game of hide & seek, for I shall never find.

I said I haven’t breathed the wind that blows across their cheeks.
I said I’ve only felt the clouds at every mountain peak.

They said I’m inexperienced, naïve to believe so.
They said I’m far from realty, and to the lost I go.

I said I know little of life, for it has given me few.
I said I know it all through dreams, for they are always true.

They said dreaming is an act, only left for the fools.
They said I wasn’t sane enough, to follow all the rules.

I said I’ve found a path, of awe-alarming light.
I said I wasn’t blind enough, to run away in fright.

They said I’ve only little time, to discover what is right.
They said I’m not smart so far, and neither am I bright.

I said I’ve only been to the moon, once or maybe twice.
I said I’ve waved to all the stars, and they were awfully nice.

They said the stars are far from earth, for they are only danger.
They said the moon was not a friend, but just another stranger.

I said I’ve heard of happiness, as butterflies hear of spring.
They said it’s just a lie, what life can never bring.