A Little Boy & His Dragon

Once upon a time there was a little boy. A little boy who believed in dragons, unicorns and wizards. He was always very confused of their debatable presence but never of their solid existence. One day the little boy was walking home when he bumped into a new toy store. The store had a huge dragon teddy bear. The little boy knew he hadn’t enough cash in his pockets to own his always desired dragon and so he decided he’d pass by the toy store every single day and -seemingly- somehow own the dragon. Every day after school the little boy will pop by the toy store to check on his dragon before heading home. Eventually, the dragon learnt everything about the little boy; although giving no response at all, the dragon would attentively listen. The little boy never understood why the dragon never responded back but was fairly content that he has a dragon as a friend. Until one day, the dragon was gone. The boy asked the shop keeper where he’l had gone and the shop keeper mentioned that someone bought the dragon. The little boy was devastated. For days he’d pass by the shop hoping that the dragon would come back to see him, to say his -never said- goodbyes, but he never did. The little boy established that dragons don’t exist. He finally understood why his teacher told him dragons only happen in fairy tails. “If the dragon was real, he’d have said goodbye.” “If the dragon was real, he would have feelings and he wouldn’t have left.” The little boy felt pathetic and naive.
20 years later, the little boy became Tom. Just like every other Tom. He goes to work, he goes home tired, sleeps, goes to work, and so on. His days were pretty much like a jammed tape repeating the same 10 seconds over and over again. Nothing bigger than a routine. Until one day, Tom met Lucy. Lucy was beautiful. Lucy made Tom smile. Just like the dragon made the little boy smile. She listened to Tom. She made Tom’s Mondays differ from his Tuesdays, differ from his Wednesdays, differ from his Thursdays… Tom loved Lucy. They spent summers and winters together. Tom believed Lucy wasn’t real. She was too good to be true. Then one day, Lucy left. She never said goodbye. Tom was devastated. He went home feeling pathetic and naive.
She was real, she wasn’t like the dragon, she wasn’t a stuffed animal, she was real and she left. She was real and she left and she never told Tom goodbye. The little boy was wrong to believe that entities without feelings aren’t real. Reality stings. And anything that stings is real.
Lucy was real, the dragon was real. They were both real because they both left bruises and aches and scars and stings. They were both real because they weren’t opiate. They were both real because realism is a race for survival and only the realistic is fittest to survive.


About moesolitary

Mixed up between what I want to be and what I think I want to be. For now, I believe I want to be a writer. I belong between words and book. Thoughts linger as poems. I'm a proud Egyptian.

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