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Throughout my not-so-short yet not-so-hefty life, I have met a kaleidoscope of people. Most of my observations were based on their individuality and ego. To stand out in the middle of a crowd depends entirely on your individuality, who you are as a person, and what you do that is ever-so different from what everyone else does. Most of the time it isn’t how you dress, or what you believe in, or even what you say, it’s simply the tangible radiation of your irritable heart that makes you shine in the darkness.
In short, trying so hard to be different isn’t the ding-dong, at all actually. If it’s not natural, then it’s not real. Much like ego. For instance, I very much appreciate a worthy ego. A person who is proud is always a lot harder to battle and a lot easier to learn from. However, those flaccid, pseudo egos built out of nothingness and deceitful manipulations are easily walked over. And they cause more damage than protection to their beholders.
The psychology of the human being is probably the one thing that we might never crack its code. And generations upon generations of us will continue to die trying, trying to make much sense out of us senseless, confusing beings.


2 AM

That -ship at the end
of words
is not just an extra
It’s an oath you’re not willing
to take.
So until you figure it out;
until flames of meaning flush your insides like the lucifer core of a rusty black coal,
until thunder unleashes your misplaced emotions to the worthy of this world,
until love finds its way in the darkness guided by your burning heart,
until the lost shall be companied by the shadows you once left behind,
don’t talk to me about
Don’t add that extra
The one you’re not willing
to take.