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I’ve Talked to People About You

I’ve talked to people about you.
Ask them about your favourite colour. They wouldn’t know.

I’ve talked to people about you.
But some things only I would know.


Hopeful Pollution

There’s always a different (rather exciting) spectrum of pollution in my country. There’s, of course, the usual air pollution. We’ve got public busses that date back to the 18th century, and are practically precancerous-automobiles roaming the roads of Egypt. Factories built in the middle, literally right in the center, of residential areas. Poor residential areas. I also should add that the poor make up around 70% of the population, and actually if you’ve got a roof (whatever/wherever the roof may be) above your head, you might not be even considered “poor” by the Egyptian criteria of poverty. Yeah, we’ve got a rather large population of dirt poor civilians -civil so out of contrast here-. Anyway, back to where we were. We’ve absolutely no greenery anywhere, no parks, no forests, nothing. And if there are any trees, they’ll literally be in the middle of a 3 inch wide sidewalk to make it basically impossible to walk on the pavement, in-which we hence resort to walking on the actual road (a very popular Egyptian habit). The noise. lol I bet the honks of Egyptian traffic make it to Saturn, if not to Pluto too. It could get insanely mad, to the point where you might need to stuff cotton-buds in your ears. Moving on to the ever-so-malignant pollution of this country, the moral/ethical pollution. We’re pretty fucked up here. No one can stand anybody no more. It’s almost like if killing people were legal, we’d be an extinct population, and nothing would be left of us but murdered bodies seeping blood of hatred and disdain. Let’s get to the moral pollution that strikes anyone who comes anywhere near the presidential chair, it’s like their moral compass absolutely freezes and malfunctions. I could almost swear it’s a curse by the Egyptian pharaohs (superstition might make sense at this point). All around the country we’ve got graffitis of an anonymous guy with a big question mark on his face, “who’s the next leader going to be?” Or more like “who’s the next dictator* going to be?”. Y’know we’ve got a pretty fine history of dictators.

But you know what? Despite of all the shit and the pollution, the Egyptian people are still hopeful for a better future. Despite all of the dictators, the Egyptian people have revolted and spoken up. They’ve seemingly found the horizon despite the very grotesque landscape. And that’s something. Hope might be the only element that could keep you internally alive. Once you’ve lost it, you’re nothing but a dead soul in a breathing body. And this country is anything BUT dead.